What Parents Need to Know About CBD
CBD is not just a trend – it’s a movement – and it’s helped the general public see cannabis in a new light. Kim Barker from CKSoul joins to discuss how CBD is changing the medical community and what parents need to know before deciding to use it as medicine.

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DISCLAIMER: We are not making any medical claims about CBD. We are not outright suggesting to treat, cure, or prevent any disease with CBD. We are merely discussing the history and scientific properties of cannabidiol and how it has helped patients. Please consult a medical professional before deciding to use CBD as medicine.

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11:00 – What is CKSoul?
14:50 – Cannabis in California
17:00 – What is full-spectrum CBD?
21:40 – Sophie’s story
24:30 – What do you recommend for parents to start the CBD process?
25:50 – Where does CKSoul source their product?
27:00 – Dosing CBD for different bodies
29:45 – What is the best way for children to consume?
30:20 – Do you have to worry about mixing medications?
31:45 – Child protective services and cannabis
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