So Tuesday morning started to notice a migraine coming on, gradually got worse through the day. I am on preventative meds, meds per occurance and supplements daily. Took as needed during day but didn’t help so before bed took another pill. Layed down and noticed i was getting a fever…shortly over 103 degrees. Intense migraine with sound and noise intensifier, severe neck and back pain, all muscles hurt and extremely nauseated. I was up all night…called into work for the first time because of a migraine. I couldn’t eat and stayed in bed all day. My dr said she was on vaca and to ride it out unless i started puking. Finally drank some milk and ate some bread. Temp still over 101. Another shitty sleepless night…but foot up for work. Horrible day but started feeling less nauseous around noon. Was planning on going to the walk in clinic after work but by that time I was already feeling worse and couldn’t stand waiting in line there so I went home. I got home called back in the bed got my temperature under a hundred degrees and finally my shipment of CBD oil Drops came in so I took a single dose. I didn’t expect much and initially didn’t really feel any different right away but slowly all of the symptoms faded. I still wasn’t 100% and had some diarrhea but I was able to eat dinner and sleep through the night. Since then I have completely recovered and stop taking all of my prescriptions, against the advice of my doctor who said that I will probably get rebound headaches for a while but either way I’ll have to work through that. We received our additional order with the tincture oil which is 550mg compared to 220mg of the drops which I plan on using the next time I get a migraine. Although I do like the drops because they have no flavor and you can just put them in your drink as needed. This is been my first experience so far and could possibly be the placebo effect of me wanting it to work so badly s*** wanting anything to work so badly at this point. But thus far I’m hopeful!


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