– Pre-filled with 125mg of CBD isolate.
– Third party lab tested.
– Derived from organic certified non-GMO hemp.
– Pre-charged with 250+ inhalations per unit.
– 1 Green Vapor multifunctional medical grade silicone ring.
– Available in 4 flavors.

The Green Vapor CBD isolate disposable vapor device combines our proprietary hemp oil blend and state-of- the-art hardware technology. This ensures an enriched vapor experience with maximal CBD intake per inhalation. Research has shown that when vaping CBD the body effectively absorbs 50-60% of the CBD contained in the vapor intake. When ingested (ie. capsules) the body absorbs an estimated 10% of the CBD ingested.

Our disposable device is discreet, sleek, stylish and can be used comfortably in any environment.

Each cutting edge aromatherapy device, embedded with our proprietary advanced microchip technology.

Pre-filled and pre-charged, our devices are ready to consume anytime and provide 250+ inhalations per device.

THC free, no-psychoactive or mind-altering effects.

Designed for hassle free consumption so you don’t have to worry about: charging, leaking, preparation or complex user functionalities.

CBD is known for its therapeutic properties, helping manage ailments and improving overall quality of life. Vaping CBD has produced effects 30-60 minutes faster than ingesting CBD (ie. capsules). CBD may also provide a relaxing, comfortable body focused experience, helping you maintain a balanced & clear headed day.

Some of the many benefits our clients have attested to include: Pain Relief (muscle + joint pain), Anti-Inflammatory, Stress Reduction, Anti-Anxiety, Nausea Relief.


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