CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil – what’s the difference?
There is a LOT of confusion out there, especially with the (justifiably?) huge interest in CBD oil recently.
Hemp oil is often spoken about in the same breath as CBD oil, when in fact the speaker could be referring to hemp SEED oil, CBD enriched hemp oil, or full spectrum hemp oil – they are all from the same plant – but differ wildly!
A quick explanation of the descriptions surrounding CBD

Hemp Oil: This is generally oil extracted from the stalk and leaves of the cannabis (hemp) plant. It is what is known as a ‘full spectrum’ oil as it contains all 100+ Phyto-cannabinoids contained within the plant.

Hemp Seed Oil: This is extracted purely from the seeds of the hemp plant. Whilst being very nutritious and high is Omega fats 3, 6, and 9. It has zero cannabinoids present. This is extracted from industrial hemp plants.

CBD Oil: Also called CBD Hemp Oil. This is basically hemp oil (as in above description) that has a high percentage of CBD (cannabidiol) content. This is sometimes naturally occurring with a strain that is grown especially for it’s CBD content (medical marijuana for instance). But more often is hemp oil enriched with CBD isolate, which is 99% actual cannabidiol. This is generally sought after to treat medical conditions or disorders.

More details on the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil can be found at my blog here..


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