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[00:19] Despite shady beginnings, cannabis is being legalized in different stages across the United States. So public companies are getting involved in the stock market.

[01:16] Looking at publicly-traded cannabis stocks using Barchart.

[02:25] These are a few of the different sectors of cannabis companies — growers like Canopy Growth Corp, ancillary biotech companies like Gw Pharma ADR, companies that make ancillary products.

[03:06] Cannabis is still federally illegal, but the cannabis stocks are fine to trade because they trade on a different market. A lot of them are on the OTCMKTS

[04:16] There is a lot of volatility in the cannabis sector, but that doesn’t mean that now is the right time to trade cannabis stocks.

[05:16] To dive deeper into understanding the cannabis industry, check out New Cannabis Ventures at It is an app I use to keep up with ongoings in the cannabis industry.

[06:06] There are two different chemical compounds in cannabis or marijuana — THC, the psychoactive part of cannabis, and CBD (cannabidiol)

[08:25] How the current vaping epidemic is affecting even top cannabis companies such as Altria Group (MO)

[10:08] Summary: The growth is happening because of the legalization, and currently everything is going down.

[10:28] Barchart.com is a great news aggregator to be able to keep up to date with certain sectors.

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