High Potency Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Super-Charged with Acemannan & Terpenes.

Evolv Entourage2™ is a ground-breaking proprietary blend of Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil, terpenes, and immune-modulating Acemannan to help the body’s management of mood, memory, sleep, and joint health. Our nano-sized Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil is converted to water-compatible molecules, which increases absorption 5-7 times over the competition. PATENT-PENDING FORMULA INCLUDES:• Organic Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil• Supercritical CO2 extraction• Each batch tested to ensure 0.0% THC• Absorption increased by 5-7 times over other hemp products with water compatible nanotechnology• Enhanced Entourage2 Effect with proprietary terpene blend• Symbiotic effect with the highest rated immune-modulating Acemannan• Wonderful cinnamon flavor!


To work, cannabinoids have to get into your bloodstream — typical absorption rates are only 10-20%. Scientists recently developed a process to reduce the size of the cannabinoids from 2200 nanometers to 25 nanometers, which results in a 90% absorption rate, and the ability to mix the oil in water-compatible drinks

ADDING TERPENES CAN MULTIPLY THE EFFECT OF CANNABINOIDSGetting phytocannabinoids into the bloodstream is objective #1. Maximizing their impact requires terpenes. Due to their fragile nature, most are destroyed in the extraction process. New research indicates that adding a specific composition of terpenes back into the product created a more efficacious effect than adding more milligrams of hemp oil. SYMBIOTIC IMMUNE SUPPORT. There are many hemp oil products that have been formulated with additional ingredients to provide support for specific benefits like improved sleep, mood, and joint health. One of the most profound impacts has come from the addition of immune-modulating aloe vera Acemannan. Combining the immune-modulating fractions of Acemannan with high-quality hemp oil provides a symbiotic impact (1 + 1 = 4) that can dramatically enhance overall immune support.

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