I got the amazing brand Splash Nano in this video and what they are bring to the table is something revolutionary! They use cutting-edge, proprietary technology to develop a water-soluble formula for increased effectiveness and faster onset time. The nanotechnology used breaks down a single droplet of cannabis extract into billions of smaller droplets, allowing the body to absorb more cannabis faster.

From their website:
Splash Nano only uses the finest Full Spectrum extracts as its source oil. Our suppliers use a proprietary method of extraction, borrowed from the perfume industry to yield higher levels of terpenes and minor cannabinoids than most other extracts. The result – a terpene forward flavor profile that pairs perfectly with any drink.

This is a great addition to any drink. The taste of cannabis was minimal and added a little something extra to the drink. I can’t wait to put more in other drinks and people will be none the wiser! I would like to say that I took a nap after consuming the rest lmao. They also used Gorilla Glue oil for this batch and will be priced around 7 bucks each!


This video is intended for people 18 years or older.

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