🌱 In this pilot episode of Infused Chef by Canna Cribs, Chef and owner of Pop Up Tucson, Riley Chandler prepares a six-course dinner infused with cannabis in a private location in Tucson, Arizona. All ingredients provided by The Prime Leaf. Check out the recipes on Growers Network Forum:

The first course prepared by Chef Riley is Grilled Salmon with togarashi, black garlic, forbidden rice, garden flowers, and Uncle Herbs black garlic compound butter.

The second course prepared is a garden salad, seared foie gras, fennel, grilled corn, heirloom carrots, cantaloupe, blackberry vinaigrette, and Baked Bros flavorless syrup.

The third course prepared is an achiote rabbit, kangaroo, acutrimonts, and Uncle Herbs full spectrum harley tau oil.

Chef Riley then prepares a palate cleanser, which contains garden mint sorbet, candied lemon zest, and Kiva Irish cream chocolate.

The fourth course prepared by Chef Riley is a French-style lavender Szechuan honey duck confit paired with quinoa caramelized apples and drizzled with Uncle Herb’s organic extra-virgin coconut oil.

Course five the dessert course is caviar beignets infused with Kiva Confections blueberries coated in milk chocolate.

During these five courses, our guests talk about their first time being introduced to cannabis, how they started within the cannabis industry, what is a good dosage when intaking cannabis, followed by solid conversations around getting medicated through quality prepared food. Guests also shared personal stories about PTSD, Cancer and Anxiety.


Cast Members:

Nate Lipton
Host, Canna Cribs

Riley Chandler
Chef & Owner of Pop Up Tucson

Francis Baczek
Chef, Uncle Herb’s, Untamed Herbs

Beezy Dial
Promotions Director at Pura Earth Concentrates

Hunter Klugkist
Consultant at the Prime Leaf & Social Media Marketer


Table of Contents:

Prime Leaf :17

Uncle Herb’s 1:52

Baked Bros (Syrups) 10:24

MedMen (KIVA Chocolate) 15:18


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