Hey peeps!
Im a huge advocate for CBD and the natural healing benefits it has to offer.
From individuals that have multiple seizures, autism, high blood pressure, muscle aches/pains, etc it truly helps and is a great substitute for over the counter pain killers such as Advil/Tylenol.
It is not a hallucinogen, upper, downer, it is 100% natural and works!!

See the full vid to see how I liked some new products that recently came in.

Topicals- Emu 420 Essentials (50mg), CBD Clinic (1000 mg), Pure Ratios CBD Patch (40 mg)
Pre-Roll: Kijani Mint Flavor (1.5 g CBD flower)
Tinctures- Green Roads Daily Dose 1000 mg formula, Charlotte’s Web by Stanley Brothers Hemp Oil Extract 28mg per seving, CBD Oil Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 15 mg/serv, Luza Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000 mg

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