Are you ready for a taste of the least controversial method of consuming cannabis ever? Try a tincture. And specifically, we want to tald about Marijuana Tictures for pain and pain control. In spite of how novel they may seem to so many cannabis consumers, tinctures are really nothing new. In fact, tincture was the primary form of cannabis medicine until it was banned in 1937.

Tinctures, which are liquid concentrates, are the oldest known method of commercial scale medical cannabinoid extraction. They are made by soaking marijuana leaves and flowers in an alcohol solution, which allows the cannabinoids to be extracted into the liquid.

Tinctures are popular for medical patients, and are usually applied via droplets under the tongue for rapid absorption into your system.

They are very popular for pain relief and other alternative medical treatment for more serious disease.

Simply put a few drops under your tongue, and let the Cannabinoids go to work for you to reiieve pain.

The tinctures and CBD oils you choose for pain are very low in THC (the psychoactive part of marijuana) and high in CBD (the medical part of marijuana). In other words, you will not get the high you get from traditional marijuana and will get the CBD effect instead – pain relief.

We have a wide variety of tinctures and CBD oils for pain, and they work great! Available in tinctures, a liquid you place under your thumb, and also available by purchasing a vapor cartridge (Vape).

See what a visitor to our recreational and medical marijuana dispensary had to say:

“Awesome staff. Got a vapor and I love it. Very discreet way of use. I am new to week so I ws nervous as to what to get. The staffr was very knowledgeable and helpful. I am very pleased with the product” – Holly S.

Visit our store and ask about CBD oils and Marijuana tinctures or vapors for pain and pain relief. You will be glad you did.

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