Gold T20 Drops, 15 ml, 168 mg THC in organic Safflower Oil.

Each bottle contains 15 ml of solution with 168 mg THC. The dropper is 1 ml, so a full dropper will deliver 11 mg THC (10 mg is commonly considered a “full dose.”)

Terpenoid Content (mg/ml): Alpha Pinene 0.0015, Beta Pinene 0.012, Beta Myrcene 0.015, Limonene .0.022, Humulene 0.081

Cannabinoid Content: THC: 11.24 mg/ml THCA: 4.04 mg/ml CBD: 0.082 mg/ml CBDA: 0.20 mg/ml CBN: 0.36 mg/ml CBC: 0.54 mg/ml CBG: 0.28 mg/ml

Microbiology: PASS Mycotoxins: PASS Heavy Metals: PASS
Pesticides: PASS

Within 15 minutes I was starting to feel the effects of the tincture. nothing strong or overbearing. I would describe it as a nice, all over warm body glow.


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