HOW TO: Edible Dosing | How to figure out how much THC is in your EDIBLES

ELI5 Edible Dosing | DETAILED explanation of how to figure out how much THC is in your EDIBLES

How to figure out how much THC is in your edibles! With this information you can learn to properly dose edibles and HOW TO MAKE EDIBLES STRONGER

First things first, let’s figure out how much THC is in your flower. Once we have that number we can figure out the THC content of our canna oil, canna butter, tincture, glycerin, etc.

REMEMBER: 1g Flower = 1000mg Flower.

To get the THC content of that 1000mg of flower, you need to multiply it by the THC % which is available on the front on your weed package *if* purchased from a dispensary. If your flower does not indicate THC percentage you can make a guesstimate of somewhere between 10%-15%

So, for example:
– You have 1g bud (aka 1000mg bud)
– You don’t not know the THC % so let’s go with 12% as a guess

You can multiple 1000(mg bud) by .12 (the THC percentage) to find how many mg of THC are within that 1g bud.

Let’s calculate: 1000 * .12 = 120

We have now determined our 1g of bud has 120mg worth of THC.

🌳 NOTES | below is a COPY & PASTE of the notes I wrote in the video, for reference.

Canna Butter, Canna Oil, and Tincture Dosing πŸŒ³πŸ’¨

7g of bud = 7000mg bud

1g of bud = 1000mg bud

7000mg bud * .19 = 1330mg THC

02/11/20 butter batch πŸŒ³πŸŽƒ

I used 7g of pink Kush and total THC = 1330mg
Final amount of butter(or oil,tincture,etc) = 1 cup

1 cup butter = 1330mg THC

1/2 cup butter = 665mg THC

1/4 cup butter = 332mg THC

1 TBSP butter = 83mg THC

1 tsp butter = 27mg THC


3/4 cups butter = 997mg THC

Total cookies made

997mg / 12 πŸͺ = 83mg THC per cookie

997mg / 20πŸͺ = 49mg TCH per cookie


3 TBSP butter used

3 tbsp butter = 249mg THC

Total gummies made = 54 gummy bears

249mg THC / 100 gummies = 2.5mg THC per gummy bear


1330mg thc in 1 cup tincture

665mg THC in 1/2 cup tincture

1 TBSP tincture = 83mg thc

1 tsp tincture = 27mg thc

We reduced our 1330mg/1 cup of tincture to 1/3

1/3 cup tincture = 1330mg THC
1 TBSP tincture = 250mg THC
1 tsp tincture = 83mg THC


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