Pechoti Method 101: Can you medicate with Cannabis through the belly button?

I’m really excited to share with you an ancient healing technique that can revolutionize the way you medicate with cannabis.

The Pechoti method or Nabhi Chikitsa in Ayurvedic traditions refers to putting oil in the belly button for medicinal purposes. Oils such as tea tree and eucalyptus oil are often used for antibacterial and antiviral properties.

How is medicating with cannabis oil via the belly button effective or

Cannabinoids are known to reduce nausea, fight inflammation, kill
cancer cells just to name a few!

But how does it work exactly?

The Pechoti gland has 72,000 veins running from your belly button to the rest of your body. Using cannabis oil in this manner allows the cannabinoids to reach every part of your body.

I tested this out for myself. I personally used one of my favorite Mary’s Medicinals Remedy oil by Colton a balanced oil that has 300 mg of Cannabis derived CBD and 300 mg of THC. I was experiencing intense cramping and discomfort and needed some quick relief fast!

I placed 3 drops directly in and on my belly button and gently massaged in and around the navel as depicted in the video.

I felt immediate relief and felt the onset of 100% pain relief within 15 minutes. This tops over the counter pain killers, muscle relaxers and various herbal treatments that I had tried and had gotten little results!

When medicating through the belly button we are also not going to be experiencing any of the psychoactive or “head high” effects due to the topical application in the skin.

This is because we have THC is not processed in the liver using this method, eradicating it’s psychoactive effects.

This especially is an amazing detail for those who don’t wish to be high or out of body or have adverse reactions to THC.

We are not doctors. Always consult a physician before exploring new courses of treatment.

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