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What’s up cannabis Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown.  In today’s video I’m going to show you guys my new light meter and how to properly distance you’re a grow light for maximum yields. Now before we get started I’d like to mention as always to check out our MERCH online at under the merch and smoke section. And also don’t forget to check out our link Down Below in the description to visit our patreon page where you can sign up for 1-on-1 grow advice from myself.

Basically I’ll be guiding you each day from seed to harvest so you can learn as you grow without making any mistakes and so you can get the best results possible. Alright now that you guys know what we’re doing in today’s video, let’s get started!

Alright guy said before we start testing different lights out with this meter, I want to give you a quick overview of it. What this region is Lux as well as FC which stands for foot candles. You don’t really need to use that I just use the Lux reading, and these meters are different than par meters. So foremost Lux meters they don’t work well with LED lights, but this one happens to work well with them so I’ll be using it with LED lights.

Lux meters are perfect for HPS and metal halide bulbs and stuff like that and other incandescent lights, but for LEDs you’re supposed to use a par meter as a highly recommended. But today I’ll be using this doctor meter Lux reader because it does work with the LEDs, and all you have to do is take this cap off once you have the reader turned on. Then placed is under the light source to get A reading of how strong it is. I’ll give you guys a little more details on that once we’re outside under the lights, but just wanted to give you guys a quick overview of what this look like.

Alright so now we’re going to hook up a 900 watt viparspectra LED, a Mars Hydro 300w LED, and then a Mars Hydro 480 watt from the reflector-series. And I’m going to give you guys an idea of how quickly the power of the light dissipates as you go away from it or get further away from it. And I’ll also show you how large of a footprint the lights have and how the power of the light differentiates from the different corners and as you go from the middle to the outside. All right now it’s hope outside to check that out.

Okay we are now outside in the grow room, and you can see I’ve got this is the 900-watt viparspectra LED. And it is exactly 24 in from the canopy of these autoflowers down below. So let’s get in a little closer come on in the show you guys some readings with a lux meter and show you what the readings are at the canopy as well as the outskirts of the footprint. And to show you a little closer how powerful the light really is.

All right here’s the meter a little bit more up close, it’s going to be in Lux as that’s going to be the unit of measurement. And for vegetation the range you’re going to To want to be looking for. The minimum is about 40000 in the matches about 70,000 says somewhere in the middle there like 55 is pretty good for veg not really for seedling. And then once you’re in flower you’re going to want to be in the range of 60 to 85000.  And that you don’t want to be at 85000 as that’s going to be a little too much and it’s going to be full saturation for your plants so that probably will stress them out, especially for the more sensitive strains. But you will want to be somewhere like 75000 or maybe a little higher so I’m going to turn this baby on and get a few readings for you guys.

So I’m going to be reading in the time to 100 range so right here we’re about 30000 blocks. And again this is a lux reader so this is better for incandescent like HPS lights not as good for LED but this one does work. But this one probably will give slightly less readings cuz it’s probably not picking up all the lighting. About 35,000 likes here and as you get closer here it’s about 50,000 and now 40right there. This plant on the outskirts is a little bit lower it’s at 25, 21, 22. You can see out here it’s still at 20 so that’s kind of nice as it’s got a large footprint  and it gets lower the further out here we go but all the way towards the edge of the grow room it’s still at about 10K so it’s not that bad.

Happy Growing!!!


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