In this review, Sedona goes over the TAO CBD brand, Metal Vape Cartridge.

This is a full spectrum CBD product that is named Metal or called “the Path to Clarity” after the Chinese elements. Inside this 1/2 gram or 500 mg CBD vape cartridge is a full spectrum CBD oil that is an Indica / Sativa blend, flavored with GSC terpenes.

The Tao Metal screws directly into the 5/10 thread of the Tao battery (Sold separately.) It is a low temperature burning vape that doesn’t require any buttons. You simply inhale on the vape cartridge. The battery is charged with the included USB charger.
The price for the Tao Metal 1/2 gram Vape cartridge is $60. Tao says this is good for between 350-500 puffs.

Sedona believes this product helped to improve her focus without making her sleeping. It also was good to help calm anxiety and stress and feel more present.


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