The 5 Best Dog Calming Oils for Dogs with Anxiety are:

1) Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil for Pets πŸ‘‰
2) Natural Pet Spray Aromatherapy Lavender πŸ‘‰
3) Healing Solutions Peppermint πŸ‘‰
4) Sun Essential Oils Roman Chamomile πŸ‘‰
5) Plant Therapy Frankincense Organic πŸ‘‰

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What Can Essential Oils do for Dogs?

Many people use essential oils and CBD oils to help relieve stress, pain, and anxiety.

What some people don’t know is that these oils can do the same for your dog.

Essential oils are made of natural compounds from plants and are known to have great health benefits for dogs.

They can help prevent pests like fleas and ticks, reduce skin irritation from allergies, or help calm a dog’s anxiety.

Can Essential Oils be Harmful to my Dog?

Australian shepherdLike many dog owners, Bruce’s safety is my number one priority. While there are many essential oils that can be good for dogs, there are even more that can be harmful.

The most common essential oils that are safe for dogs include lavender oil, peppermint oil, chamomile oil, frankincense oil, and cedarwood oil. We will get more into these products later.

Some of the most dangerous essential oils for dogs include anise, birch, bitter almond, tea tree, mustard, and wintergreen.

There are many others that can also be harmful to your dogs too so be very careful when doing your research.

It is extremely important that you consult with your vet before you use any essential oils on your dog.

My vet made the mistake of giving me her cell phone number and probably got five texts a day from me asking if I could use a certain type of oil on Bruce!

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