HOW CAN CBD HELP MY PET? Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to provide similar benefits for animals as it does for humans. Pets have an endocannabinoid system which helps regulate many biological processes including stress response, appetite, sleep, pain, mood, and immune function. Because of their similar structure, the cannabinoids found in full spectrum hemp oil extract interact with our pet’s endocannabinoid receptors. Many pet owners are safely and effectively alleviating their animals’ ailments by administering CBD.

While industrial hemp is used for many purposes, quality hemp is grown for a single purpose – the extraction of CBD from its aerials parts (stalk, leaves, flowers). The ideal hemp has a unique chemical composition. It is extremely rich in CBD and contains no THC. Therefore, these products do not have any negative effects associated with marijuana and THC use. It will not get your pet “high”.

While the research is growing, there is no consensus about how many milligrams of CBD constitutes the best dose. Your pet’s health condition and your pet’s response will determine the precise dose for your cat or dog. Consult with a veterinarian before use of CBD oil if your pet has a serious medical condition or uses prescription medications.

To administer, squeeze the dropper directly into your pet’s mouth or put in your pet’s food, twice per day. Adjust up or down as needed based on your pet’s response or as directed by a medical professional.

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