Whether you are just starting out on your herbal journey or someone who has years of experience with herbs, the question of dosing often comes into play. For example, how much? What time of day? Can this herb be taken alongside other herbal remedies or my prescribed medications?

It is vitally important that before you start an herbal regimen you work with a trained herbalist or naturopathic practitioner to decide what herbs are best for your own unique constitution and situation.

When first starting out with a new herbal tincture, it is important to realize that the beauty of many herbs is that they are not a quick fix. It can take time to begin noticing the effect it may have on your body. For this reason, we recommend starting out with a small dose. No more than 5 drops. Notice how your body feels with this amount, and work with your practitioner to determine what dosage is right for you. This is not a one-size-fits-all practice. It is also important to really spend time with a new herb and learn about its safety considerations, and if the herb you are starting to work with should be taken in only very small amounts, as in 1 or 2 drops once a day, while others may be safer to take in larger doses, 10 -20 drops three times a day.

There are many ways in which one can take a tincture, elixir, glycerite or powder. Some of the sweeter tasting elixirs and glycerites are lovely to take directly from the dropper and onto the tongue while other tinctures, like those made with a larger percentage of alcohol, may be best taken in 8oz of water or tea to mask some of the potency. Powdered herbs are delightful to add to warm breakfast cereals, smoothies, and warm creamy beverages.

Start low and slow. Low amounts and a little at a time. Notice your body and how it reacts. Work with your healthcare practitioner and find out what herbs and dosage amounts are best for you and your unique situation.


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