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This is a follow-up video from my previous video on how to fix a broken leaking non-working Vape Pen cartridge. Kingpin cartridge 510 thread. I will show you how to check the airflow oh, and clean your cartridge so that you understand how the anatomy of these work. I will also show you how to identify any Factory malfunctions and how to transfer your oil if your pen is totally non-functioning or if you are getting an error or blink code.
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Contact Kingpen to tell them how helpful this video was so that I can quit my shitty job.

I discuss all the potential issues, problems and fixes for a 510 thread kingpen Vape cartridge. We very thoroughly look at the anatomy of the cartridge and more. See how to fix: a clogged cartridge, a blink code error (ooze 640 pen battery), no draw, no hit, weak hit, and how to transfer from 1 non working cartridge to another empty yet working cartridge.

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