Does Herbal CBD Oil work with Dogs & Pets?

Our pets deserve to have the best life they possibly can just like you and your cousin Jack. And like you cousin Jack and all of us, it is becoming very evident that CBD Oil is VERY effective in combating the many issues facing our pets.

CBD is the ‘medical marijuana’ derivative from the hemp plant strain and contains only trace amounts THC. CBD, (or, cannabidiol), is then viewed as a food item and so is legal in all 50 US States and nearly all countries. It is an ‘herbal oil’, does not show up in any drug test, and is easily shipped thru the mails.

It is also Vegan! *Really important if you are from Toronto.

Does Herbal CBD Oil work with Dogs & Pets?

CBD has been found to be very effective reducing stress and anxiety in dogs and other pets. It has also been shown effective for horses!

CBD has been shown to increase quality of life for our pets suffering cancers as well. It has been found to have an anti-tumor effect and even been shown to stop cancer cells from growing. By boosting your pet’s immune system it can have wide-spread benefits

Does Herbal CBD Oil work with Dogs & Pets?

Like many humans, dogs suffer from seizures also. CBD oil has been shown to be very effective with seizures and in some cases the results are profound and often nearly immediate!

Herbal full spectrum CBD Oil is the best. These oils have been shown to be much more effective than ‘isolate-type’ products on the market.

May you and your pets always have excellent health!

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