John from shares with you the New Gardening Tech products from CES 2020 that can better optimize your growing of fruits, vegetables, and herbs using automation and technology.

Highlights include a game-changing LED light that can mimic the sun’s full spectrum of colors over the day or even location on the earth. It can provide your plants with the exact lighting it needs for each stage of plant growth.

In this episode, John attends the International 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV to share with you a handful of tech gadgets introduced at this years CES that will enable you to grow food easier indoors or out using automated systems to take some of the labor out of growing food. You will discover many gardening tech gadgets unveiled in this episode filmed at CES 2020 in January.

You will learn about the following items in this episode:

03:04 Smart Greenhouse – Full Aquaponics System with Raised Beds and Vertical Zip Towers to Grow food fully automated

20:14 Serranova – Fully Integrated Greenhouse to Grow Organic Produce using Photoluminescence to enhance growing process

29:33 Sherpa Game-Changing LED Lights that emulates the Sun – Lighting that can provide the full spectrum of the sun to best duplicate the light from locations around the world, and provide your plants the specific light they need for the best growth and highest nutrients and phytonutrients.

38:03 Sepura – Best Alternate for Garbage Disposal in your sink that helps you compost easily by separating all food scraps from liquid going down your sink.

42:09 Hydroponics Automation – Fully automate your hydroponic grow with the NIDO Pro to adjust you Ph and Fertilizer from your smartphone with this system.

51:25 Smart Container IOT Farm – Grow 3 tons of lettuce a year vertically in a custom shipping container and control everything thru an app. Planty Cube

1:01:16 Agritalk Sensor to measure many aspects of your garden for $100 with an App that is integrated to determine pest outbreaks and much more. Larger systems to control farms with IOT

1:06:02 Kuvings provides a smart juicer that allows you to concentrate your fruits and vegetables in a glass and can help guide you to lose weight with recipes and exercise with their smart juicer.

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