We have all had that moment where a perfectly good vape cartridge stops working with perfectly good oil or CBD trapped in your 510 thread tank. How do you fix your vape cartridge? How do you get your oil or CBD from your vape tank? what can you do to salvage your 510 thread cartridges? What do you do when your cartridge has a low level of oil in it? This video answers all of that with a revolutionary new product called the HoneyStick Oil recovery Kit. This is a Kit that can help save oil in your broken prefilled 510 cartridges. Fix your broken vape cartridges by letting you salvage valuable oil, and comes with everything you need and is very handy if you are mixing matching or breaking down oils and waxes. This video runs through the contents of this kit to save your vape tanks, also shows how to use them and how to draw good oil out of bad cartridges. It is a cost-effective way to salvage oil or to make up for vape carts that don’t fire anymore.

Inspired by “Modern Day Roaches” picture from Daryl, Rich Mountain Distribution

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