Ep. 44 – Cultivating High Quality CBD Using Stewardship Practices

2020 has been an extreme year, and now it’s extreme weather’s turn to wreak havoc for cannabis farmers. Last week, we talked about the impact of wildfires on California’s cannabis farmers, and how microbial decontamination may be the path to salvaging smoke damaged crops. In the opposite extreme in Colorado, a sudden cold snap last October caused its own brand of chaos.

Harvey Craig is one of the leading experts on producing high-quality premium hemp, a producer of farm-to-table full spectrum CBD and co-founder of Boot Ranch Farms, an off-the-grid farm that’s completely solar-powered, uses organic practices, and gets its water from an artisanal well. Jesse Betend talked Harvey to find out more about the farm, the recent weather, and the state of the hemp industry.

Harvey’s All Naturals Website:

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