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We create CBD vape products you can trust. Sara Brown, research and development specialist, is our guest on this episode to discuss exactly what goes into our vaping products, and how you can review our independent lab results so you can feel confident in the safety of the products you’re purchasing.

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Cbd vape products available on my website
Do as much research as you can and next time you see cbd on a product take a second to think about
So today we’re taking a look at cbd vape oil and answering your questions about what to look for in the right cbd products for you
The cbd products i speak about and promote are products that i have personally used and that my customers have used aswell
Hemp bombs could be the best way to try cbd products
If there are any products or strains in particular you would like me to review please let me know in the comments section
Most products are provided for the purpose of reviews and hold no monetary value to me
When switching from thc based products to cbd based products; i was surprised to learn every cbd vape pen has been cut

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