Here are 15 considerations for when you select CBD oil from a CBD Private Label:

1. Product
There are three different options for types of products you can sell: CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD oil, and THC-free broad-spectrum oil.

2. Lab Testing and QR Codes
Do not sell anything that has not gone through thorough testing. Make sure the products you choose include QR codes on their labels that link to their lab reports.

3. Service
Make sure the company you are working with provides great service right off the bat so you know that you will have a good business relationship going forward.

4. Read their Website
Do your research and read up on the company you want to partner with. Go to their website and skim through it to get a good feel for the company.

5. Read Reviews
Read the company’s reviews. If they don’t have good reviews, you won’t have a good return with customers when using their products.

6. What is the Company’s Minimum Order Size?
Look at the dollar amount and the number of units. You won’t want to place a monster of an order starting out, so find a company that fits an order size that you are comfortable with.

7. Label Design Experience
Learn about the company’s label design experience and see what they do through their process. You need to make sure the label complies with FDA labeling laws.

8. Lead Times
Pay attention to the time between when you approve your labels and pay your invoice.

9. Reorder Lead Times
See how quickly you will be able to get your product.

10. Pricing
Make sure you can afford the company’s products.

11. Drop Shipping
If you are going to be selling through a website, you’re going to fulfill the orders yourself or you can find somebody to do your drop shipping for you. The latter saves you the cost of shipping fees.

12. What You Get Out of Your Partnership
Don’t view it as just a customer/manufacturer relationship. Pick a company that helps you build your business, such as Joy Organics.

13. Renderings
You will need an image of each of your products on your website.

14. Barcodes
You will need barcodes on your products for a retail setting.

15. Label Quality
Make sure your labels are of good quality and not tacky, misprinted, or cheap.

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