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In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the CBD PM tincture from cbdMD. Packed with all-natural CBD oil and melatonin, this product is designed to send even the most restless sleepers straight off to dreamland. But does it like… actually work?

To find out, I tested the oil myself and I’ve gotta say, I was pretty surprised by how it affected my slumber. So… was it good? Bad? Awful? Magical? Well, you’ll just have to keep on reading to find out!

Note: The content on Sleepopolis is meant to be informative in nature, but it shouldn’t be taken as medical advice, and it shouldn’t take the place of medical advice and supervision from a trained professional. Please talk to your healthcare professional before beginning any new supplement routine. If you feel you may be suffering from any sleep disorder or medical condition, please see your healthcare provider immediately.

Brand Snapshot
Since its founding in 2015, cbdMD has been on a mission to produce the highest-quality CBD oil in the industry. A lofty aim, but one the brand has endeavored to pull off with rigorous third-party testing and domestic hemp production right here in the United States. In addition to its collection of straightforward CBD oil tinctures, the company also sells CBD capsules, gummies, sleep aids, topical creams, vape oils, bath bombs, and CBD oil for pets.

The kind folks over at cbdMD sent us a ton of these different products, many of which I was lucky enough to personally test. But for the purpose of this review, I decided to focus mainly on the brand’s special CBD PM tincture.

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That’s all for now, but please feel free to ask any questions you feel I didn’t cover during the video in a comment below.

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