Ever wonder how to clean vape tank after your oil or residue has been sitting in it. Do you have vape tanks or 510 thread cartridges that you want to clean and re-use? Ever ask yourself how can I get the most life out of my vape tank? Well in this informative How-To video Dan Hoff COO of Honeystick will show you how to clean vape tank, switch heaters and get the most life out of your oil vape tank. Many people clog up their 510 tanks but don’t want to throw them away and get more use out of them. In this video, you can see how to bring your throw away tank or cartridge back to life and get a few more fills out of it. This is an informative step by step video to show how to clean your 510 thread vape tank and a complete breakdown of the HoneyStick original OG Sub-ohm tank. This video can be used as a cleaning guide and maintenance guide for dealing with really any vape tank. Enjoy!

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