Our most valuable resource for a sustainable future. Everyone has to know what this plant can provide us. The Products. The Food. The Medicine. You’ll be amazed and astounded, I guarantee it, or your money back. Wait, this is free… like everything can be… in a Resource Based Economy.

A few more of my videos:
Money In The Future – Resource Based Economy –
Eulogy – The Death Of Monsanto (and capitalism?) –
Occupy and Zeitgeist Movements –
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* * * *
Cure Your Own Cancer –

Rick Simpson Documentary – “Run From The Cure” –

Our friends in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Barbara Filoppone and her daughter, Summer, have been in the hemp business longer than anyone. Their website is “EnviroTextiles “ —

Our Industrial Hemp website, “Via Hemp” – www.viahemp.com

We owe so much to Jack Herer, the relentless crusader for cannabis/hemp. Watch this great documentary about his life, “The Emperor Of Hemp” –

“The Emperor Wears No Clothes, by Jack Herer. The Official Hemp Bible. Makes a great coffee table book:

Resource Based Economy, please. Our Monetary Market System Is Obsolete.
The Zeitgeist Movement –
The Venus Project –
The Free World Charter –
Ubuntu-Contributionism –
The Future We Want –
The Resource Based Economy –

Here are a couple presentations by Peter Joseph
“Intro to a RBE” —
“Arriving at a RBE —

My name’s Steve Saylor, on Facebook –


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