I am a Legal Medical Cannabis Grower and User. Nothing is for sale or trade so please don’t ask.

All the lights and equipment I buy on my own, other then the lights i get to review.

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Nutrition mix:
• 12 gallons of soil
• 2 cups of worm casting as fresh as possible
• 1 cup of BuildASoil craft blend
• ¼ cup BuildASoil Oyster shell
• ¼ cup Gaia Green glacier dust
• ½ to 1 cup Schultz Perlite if needed.
🔄Mix it up thoroughly and let it sit for a 1 or 2 Weeks.
Every Month top dress with the full or half amount of the above except don’t add more Perlite.

Then 1 week from flipping to flower, I make compost tea using BuildASoil Home Brew 6 Pack and feed. Then feed on Week 3 and Week 5 of flowering if 8-9 Week plant; if it’s a 10-12 Week plant I do one more at week 7.

In Flowering I use the above plus BuildASoil Bloom mix. All watering is given Turpinator 25ml per gallon, ½ Teaspoon of Recharge(once a week) and Fox Farm Big Bloom(Micronutrients) @6.5 pH.

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If you need to contact me: MidMOGrower@gmail.com.


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