UPDATE: Outdated information as of August 1, 2019. “CBD” will actually be prohibited in NYC but hemp will be allowed, and that’s what we use, full spectrum hemp.

Too many articles with clickbait headlines have spread the misleading news that CBD has been made illegal in NYC, a straight up ban on CBD. I go into detail showing why this is not true, and how this ruling only applies to restaurants, cafes, and bars which all operate under the DOH (Department of Health). You can still legally buy CBD in any other stores and do with it what you like, it just can’t be served to you in a place where food is prepared and served.

This episode is a little different from our previous ones but it serves the purpose of showing what happens when the media starts spreading misleading news pertaining to a product you may produce. Our main focus is always COFFEE, but because CBD is in one of our products, I decided to dig deeper into the matter and call the DOH myself.

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