How to make EXTRA Strong Tincture // No Smell Green Dragon Tincture Recipe

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If you’re looking for a recipe to make a super strong tincture that’s crystal clear, you’re in the right place. 🔮🐲 Welcome to my kitchen (actually, I’m in the living room).

This is the best way to make super strong green dragon / golden dragon tincture. There is zero smell and it can be completed in less than 4 hours, no waiting weeks or months.

1 Cup 95% Alcohol (or higher)
10grams Decarbed weed [

Mason jars
Measuring cup
Double boiler or makeshift double boiler [
2 paper coffee filters (or cheese cloth)



1. Place the decarbed 10g herbs in sealed Mason jar into the freezer for 24 hours

2. Put your Everclear or other 190+ proof alcohol in freezer for 24 hours

3. After 24 hours combine your 10g of “frozen” decried weed and 2/3 cup of extremely cold alcohol in a Mason jar. Shake aggressively for 5 minutes. (If you are using more/less weed, just use enough alcohol to cover the weed in the jar. It doesn’t need to be exact)

4. Put the jar back in the freezer for 2 hours and then shake again for another 5 minutes


1. Place a funnel into a clean mason jar. Cut some tiny holes with a knife in your paper coffee filter and place it into the funnel
2. Pour your alcohol/weed mixture though the filter/funnel and let it drain. When most of the liquid has drained, use a spoon/knife/spatula to press the herb and extract any extra liquid.
3. Now you should have a jar of tincture/infused alcohol and a filter/funnel full of drained weed. Using a spoon, place your drained weed back into its original Mason jar.
4. You will now have to jars: one with tincture/infused alcohol and one with weed. Add 1/3 cup of the freezing cold alcohol into the jar with the weed. (If you’re not using the same amount of weed as I am, just use enough alcohol to cover the weed).
5. Shake the jar of weed/alcohol aggressively for 5 minutes.
6. Place the funnel and the original filter on top of the jar with the tincture/infused alcohol (from step 2). Pour your weed/alcohol mixture from step 5 into the funnel.
7. Once all the alcohol has drained from the funnel/filter press/squeeze as much as you can out. Discard the remaining weed (or keep it if you want and make a tea)
8. You should now have a mason jar of tincture/infused alcohol.
9. Place a clean funnel and a clean filter (this time don’t make any holes) in a new clean mason jar.
10. Pour your alcohol/tincture into the filter/funnel and let it drip into the clean mason jar. This may take up to an hour.
11. You should be left with a very pure green / golden dragon tincture! Your tincture is now ready for consumption. If you would like it to be stronger (as I do) you will need to reduce it by following the steps below.

1. In a well ventilated area set up a double boiler and reduce your tincture as much as you desire

DONE!! Now it’s time to test out a couple drops and enjoy! While you’re waiting for it to hit why not check out some of my edible videos that use tincture ❤️ Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this video! It means a lot to me! I love you all!

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