New THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD! Broad Spectrum contains all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes from the whole hemp plant and still contains no THC.

Broad Spectrum is a more effective product than CBD Isolate because of the additional fatty acids and terpenes. We use the highest quality CO2 extraction process to offer you best THC-Free CBD product on the market.

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HempWorx CBD Oil is made from organically grown hemp using sustainable methods to ensure it is free of GMOs, synthetics, fillers, and other harmful ingredients. All HempWorx products are made form pure premium quality CBD, non-genetically modified, and all the products are made right here in the United States. All the hemp are from organic hemp farms located in the southern state of Kentucky. Kentucky industrial hemp is known to be some of the finest quality in the United States.

Broad-spectrum CBD OIL contains cannabidiol and all the other compounds within the plant, except for THC, which is completely removed. Because broad spectrum extracts contain multiple cannabinoids, they also produce the “entourage effect,” but without the THC.

We have in our body something called Endocannabinoid System. The Endocannabinoid System is a vast network of receptors and neurotransmitters located in the central nervous -and immune system, and in your brain, so it regulate many of our bodily functions, such as our brain functions, mood, health, immune system, hunger, sleep, how the body handle stress and much more. The Endocannabinoid System do this by producing endocannabinoids, similar to CBD, to regulate this vast network of receptors in the body. Due to stress, poor diet, illness, infections or other factors, a deficiency of endocannabinoids can occur. If you get ill often, or it take time to recover from a simple cold, if you have aches or pain, it is an indicator that you have endocannabinoids deficiency. By taking CBD oil supplements, you are helping your body to produce more endocannabinoids as well as topping up.

Because CBD works with the your Endocannabinoid System, it has a potential to improve your over all wellness. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it can boost your immune system, ease pain, help to improve your skin, helps to improve joint discomfort, and supports optimal cardiovascular health. CBD can also calm the nervous system by working on the neurotransmitters regulating nerve cells in our brain, aid with anxiety and depression. it can even help with weight your weight loss program.

In basic terms, the entourage effect helps maximize CBD oil’s therapeutic effects. It occurs when the hundreds of compounds from the hemp plant interact with our bodies. The combination of compounds produces a stronger influence than any individual one in what is also called a ‘synergistic effect. ‘

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