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Kristen Brooks explains the difference between full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate CBD products.


Through education, our mission is to bridge the gap between solid, well-sourced scientific information on cannabidiol, and other cannabinoids, and their utility for improving health. We aim to break the stigma of the cannabis industry as unprofessional and unfounded by giving rise to robust and substantiated evidence that the active compounds of the cannabis plant are a new frontier of medical science.

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CBD isolate vs. Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum
CBD isolate is not full spectrum is not broad spectrum! They’re three different categories of CBD product that do different things and have different ingredients. I’m so excited to talk about that today and I have some awesome ways to clear up the confusion!
My mom’s best friend went to the dispensary last week. She wanted to get some CBD to give her more daytime energy. They sold her some full spectrum CBD product, not lab tested, and she felt groggy all morning after taking it. Why? There’s a reason…

Kristen Brooks here Certified CBD consultant and founder of Healthy Not High, a CBD educational source for families juggling chaos, who want to understand CBD science and utility So you can get out of living in survival mode and start living in the moment, feel better, less anxious and more energized!

She took a full spectrum CBD product from the dispensary in the morning. She was hoping to feel more energy. Instead She felt groggy. This is because …well first…let me clarify that any rules that I set forth in my videos about how CBD behaves in the body is really actually very relative and case based. CBD products can behave one way in the majority of bodies, and the opposite way for a minority of people. And we don’t yet have the clinical data to know who will absorb CBD differently or why. The only variable that can be controlled at this stage is the product quality, and the only way to ensure that is to lab test products through a third party lab. And the only way to lab test products is to spend money doing it. And the only way to buy a lab tested CBD product is to pay a premium, more money, for a lab tested product.
Full spectrum means that all the cannabinoids are extracted from the hemp plant, including THC, and produced in the product. Full Spectrum has THC in it. And the legal limit is .3% which is completely non psychoactive, will not cause a person to feel high.
The importance of consuming all the cannabinoids from this ancient herb is to, put simply, let them all work synergistically in the body together and provide the best chance of matching specific cannabinoids with specific ailments rendering the best chance for a healing effect. For example Some other identified cannaboids are CBC, CBN and CBG, all known to have specific health benefits such as improving brain function, mood, sleep, anxiety, pain and inflammation.

There are opposing views in the industry right now on this topics, that’s to say whether the cannabinoid CBD alone is enough to render optimal health benefits, or if other cannabinoids and/or THC is necessary for that. Most experts will say, if CBD alone isn’t getting the job done, full spectrum is optimal as long as job related drug testing isn’t a concern.

The reason Carolyn felt groggy is because Full spectrum CBD tends to have a light sedative effect. Making it an ideal sleep aid and best to consume at night before sleep.

Another school of thought is that generally, lower doses tend to be more uplifting/stimulating. Higher doses tend to be more sedating.

Broad Spectrum CBD oils are basically full spectrum minus the THC. So the THC is removed from the product. Again, as long as the product is third party lab tested, there will be no THC in a broad spectrum product, but you’ll still get all of the other cannabinoids.

Last but not least, CBD isolate products are simply the CBD molecule (no other cannabinoids, no THC), which for many people, is powerful enough to have life changing healing benefits.

So you see that it’s important to not give up on this ancient herb if it’s not working for you right away, but instead titrate up on the dose, try a different product, but for the love of God, be patient with it and give it ample time to take effect. If you’re not prepared to do that. Then wait to try CBD until you are!

Thanks for joining me.

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