This is a Nuleaf Naturals Review, and I Would like to address some things which you should know before buying this brand.

I bought Nuleaf Naturals for my boyfriend and my dog.

My boyfriend has sleeping issues and my dog suffers from separation anxiety.

My Boyfriend’s Experience:

My boyfriend sleeps very less at night due to the stress at work and with 4-5 hours of sleep he gets… he is always uninterested to do new things.

Since we are using CBD, he dozes off without overthinking.

Nuleaf naturals is certainly the best CBD oil for sleep, as per my boyfriend. He has told me that he felt really good after having just 3 drops of it. that’s around 30mg.

My Dog’s Experience:

I gave Zander 4 drops of pet CBD yesterday and he dozed off after a while(Natural sleep), and the neighbors did not report any disturbance yesterday which to me is amazing.

As I usually take my dog with me wherever I go. Which can be difficult for me. I can only go if my boyfriend is at home. Zander can’t really stay home alone for 2-3 hours.

But yesterday we were out of the house for 4 hours and Zander did not bark. That’s great if you know what it is like to keep your dog at home.

I was surprised. So I am sure that I will keep buying this CBD oil for my dog and boyfriend.

Here’s a review by a friend of mine:

He has mentioned everything there is to know about this brand. I will recommend you to read it.

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I hope you have learned a few things from this Nuleaf Naturals Review.


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