How to Treat a Yeast Infection Naturally
Natural Ways of Treating Yeast Infection- VitaLife Show Episode 214
In today’s episode Dr. Janine Bowring teaches us natural ways of treating yeast infections!

Yeast infections are common in both men and women, in Dr. Bowring’s practice she has seen that is it most common and recurring in women. The symptoms of a yeast infection can cause itching, vaginal discharge, a burning sensation (during intercourse or while urinating), redness and (sometimes) vaginal pain or soreness. These symptoms can range from mild, moderate or severe discomfort. These symptoms are definitely not comfortable!

A yeast infection can occur after taking an anti-biotic. Antibiotics are known to wipe out both good and bad bacteria as well as the flora in the vaginal tract.
We can see yeast infections in children as well. Yeast can be seen in the mouth as a white coating on the tongue, known as thrush.

The goal is to treat yeast infections naturally so that they do not reoccur. We can make some positive dietary adjustments such as: reducing the intake of refined sugar and even natural sugar found in fruit and fruit juices. Sugar feeds the yeast, who knew! It is also best to decrease alcohol consumption and foods that contain yeast such as bread and pizza dough etc. We do not have to eliminate these items completely from our diet, however, minimizing our intake will decrease the feeding of yeast and candida.

Definitely increase your intake of healthy dietary fiber and Omega 3’s. This would include food sources such as; chia seeds, hemp seeds and a Good omega 3 supplement.

Some herbal medicines are very helpful for treating yeast infections naturally. Oregano and cloves help to kill off the candida organism. Once the kill cycle is complete you will then need probiotics to reinforce the good bacteria. You will need a full body detox to cleanse the internal organs as well. When yeast infections are reoccurring it is an indication that the immune system is compromised and the toxicity build up is not where it should be. We recommend detoxing the body once every season. This will assist with cleansing built up toxins and help flush out the debris of any unwanted organisms.

With this full protocol, get excited to kick candida and yeast infections to the curb!

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