In today’s review, Merrit Plumb talks about the Tao Vape battery and CBD cartridge. TAO Fire CBD cartidge is a full spectrum CBD Vape product that uses organic CBD and screws directly into the 5/10 thread of the Tao Battery. (it will screw into any 5/10 thread vape battery.)

The FIRE CBD is flavored with Super Lemon Haze Terpenes to give it the flavor profile of Super Lemon Haze as well as the entourage effect of CBD with the Super Lemon Haze Terpenes. The cartridge is 500 mg or 1/2 gram and Tao claims it will last you 350-500 puffs.

The Tao Vape pen and cartridge require no work besides inhaling directly from the vape pen. It is a low temperature heating element, so it may take a few times to get a full inhale, as the oil heats up.


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