Join Jennifer Dixon ERYT 500 and Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Judson Ross for a quick conversational review of the EIR Health No. 6 full spectrum CBD oil. This is a full spectrum European grown CBD supplement that has 600 mg of CBD in a MCT carrier oil.

Since this is a European product, there is only .2% THC versus the .3% THC in U.S. grown products—so not enough of the psychoactive compound that gets you high from marijuana.

Like all Hemp Products, this is a Sativa product. For Jennifer, she loved how focused and relaxed this product made her and it didn’t impact her sleep. She was able to use it before bed which aided in “slowing down her brain” so she could fall asleep perfectly fine, but Judson believed that it interfered with his sleep and after the first time using it before bed, he decided to stick to using it during the day to mitigate chronic pain related issues.

A relative to the Cannabis Sativa is Cannabis Indica which is typically not suitable for Hemp products because of the higher THC production. However, inside each plant are variations of compound, Cannabinoids, which can impact the way the plant interacts with your system. That is why the Eir Health commitment to transparency is awesome, because you can see exactly what cannabinoids are inside their products. With a little more research and trial and error, you should be able to find the perfect blend of Hemp oil to suit your needs.

Eir Health sent us this supplement for the purposes of this review and used it regularly for several weeks before recording this review. Judson used the EIR Health No.6 because he likes a higher potency CBD oil than I do (Jennifer.)

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This is considered a medium concentrated CBD product since each 1 ml dose carries 20 mg of CBD. You could certainly start at this potency, especially if you have more significant health issues.

Let me tell you what I love about EIR Health. These guys are great about transparency! They put the full cannabinoid profile on their analysis results website located on each product’s webpage. You can see from the results exactly which cannabinoids and the amounts of each of them are inside each unit (or bottle). This is AWESOME! Especially if you’re curious about the different cannabinoids and their beneficial qualities for your health.

Judson says this definitely does have a strong earthly flavor–so you definitely taste the plant matter, but let’s be honest, are you taking this supplement because it tastes good or because it makes you feel amazing? It’s our opinion that you just suck it up buttercup, and take this product, because it is THAT good.

This is a saliva strain of Industrial Hemp, which can possibly lead some people to be a little more energetic. Judson wasn’t able to take it before bed because it did seem to keep his mind going, but he took it in the morning and one dropper eliminated his chronic pain.

I really liked this new to the market product. Even though they just started selling in 2018, EIR Health, I have no doubt, will make waves in the CBD supplementation market.

Thanks for watching my review! I hope you found it entertaining and helpful! I have included an affiliate link with EIR Health which gives you 15% off your order when you use THRIVEYOGA in the coupon code. You can go check out their products at

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