Today on Cannabasics we learn 5 Easy Ways to Use Cannabis Vegetable Glycerin Tincture. Save 10% in the RuffHouse Shop with code: “CANNABASICS”:
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VG Tincture Hot/ Quick Method:

VG Tincture slow/ easy method:

Marijuana Vegetable glycerin (or VG) tincture is a thick, sweet and usually golden to dark brown colored tincture which has the amazing capability to allow THC to mix easily into water based liquids. There are several ways of making vegetable glycerin tinctures, some involving the cannabis and VG sitting for months on end, others use heat to speed the extraction and sometimes alcohol is used to extract the thc which is them combined into vegetable glycerin. We’ll put links to some of these methods at the end of the video and in the description, but no matter how you make or acquire your tincture here are 5 easy ways to put it to good use.

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