Ed & Kim talk about how to dose the CANNAFYL™ Relax Blend. What are the benefits of CBD to the sleep cycle? Learn about regulating your sleep cycle. Learn about CANNAFYL™ Relax Blend. Where do you find high-quality hemp-derived CBD products?

Welcome to the Future of Health & Medicine™.

Harnessing the natural power of the hemp plant and utilizing a science-based approach is what inspired us to create Cannafyl™. We maintain a rigid testing regimen throughout the CBD manufacturing process. This ensures 100% ingredient transparency, safety, and consistent delivery of the highest quality cannabinoids in every product.
Our blends: Relax, Relief, Balance, and Pet have been developed with care and precision by our team of chemists and health professionals. The Cannafyl™ brand reflects a commitment to serving the public, bringing CBD knowledge and education to the forefront, and providing a simple, yet effective solution to many. You can trust Cannafyl™ products. As a nature-based alternative to pharmaceuticals, our focus is helping you find the answers your body is looking for.
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Our channel is filled with product videos, tutorials, and an up-close and personal look at our company culture. Product videos show the selection of products, how those products were developed, and what you might expect for results. The tutorials give recommendations on how to use our products and answer some common questions. The testimonials are submitted by customers and are accepted and published if they are received from verified customers of Cannafyl™ products. These are people who asked us to share their stories. We hope you will subscribe to get all the latest CBD news and information.

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