Florapower has developed a unique process to produce Full Spectrum CBD – Oil ( THC/CBD-Oil), in a fully automated, solvent-free and confinuous process.

Your advantages:
– The whole Cannabis flower can be processed
– The CBD / THC content can be selected freely*
– the process is continuous and fully automated – no permanent presence of an operator is needed – the Florapower – PressPilot process control system adapts the process to the quality of raw material
– the capacity is scalable from 30kg/h, up to several tons/hour of cannabis flowers.
– extremely low self costs for CBD oil production
– excelent product quality for Full Spectrum CBD Oil in organic quality*
– Technology and product properties have been proven by laboratory tests
– The process is very flexible. The offered solution will be designed and adapted directly according to your requirements.

Please check on our homepage for additional specific information and solutions for processing hemp:

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