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Now that CBD oil has become so popular, many people want to know how CBD oil is made. In this video, Cornbread Hemp co-founder Jim Higdon explains the CBD oil production process, while standing in a field of organic hemp that will be used in a future batch of Cornbread Hemp CBD products.

The first step to make organic CBD oil is to grow unfertilized female hemp plants. Most CBD brands then use the whole plant, or aerial parts, which means every part of the hemp plant that touches the air — stalk, stems, leaves, etc. But Cornbread Hemp only uses the flowers to preserve the cannabinoid ratio of the flowers and their natural flavors.

Most CBD brands then extract the hemp biomass using a solvent or supercritical carbon dioxide. Cornbread Hemp uses organic sugarcane ethanol to make our flower-only extract. We then blend that extract with organic MCT coconut oil, and bottle it as our USDA organic Whole Flower CBD Oil.

And that is how full spectrum CBD oil is made.


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