How Can CBD Contribute to Weight Loss?
It’s important to understand that CBD isn’t a magic oil that lets you eat whatever you want and not put on weight. Instead, it’s a supplement that can help you to make certain lifestyle changes that are conducive to weight loss. It affects your body at a hormonal level without causing any distracting effects, making losing weight easier. CBD oil supports you weight loss efforts in three ways.

Appetite Suppressant 

It’s pretty well known that THC is an appetite stimulant. When using CBD oil for weight loss, it’s crucial that you choose a low THC CBD oil. Unlike its psychoactive cousin, cannabidiol is thought to increase the sensitivity of the hypothalamus. This crucial part of our brain is responsible for maintaining homeostasis, which includes regulating hunger and stress levels.  

When your hypothalamus is sensitive, you’re more in tune with hunger signals and the signals that tell you you’re full. When people say CBD is an appetite suppressant, it’s because of its affect on this region of the brain. 

Normalizes Insulin Levels

You might have only ever heard on insulin in relation to people with diabetes, but it’s actually crucial that everyone pays attention to this hormone. When insulin is high, your body finds it almost impossible to burn fat. 

Our bodies are very smart. Over thousands of years, we’ve adapted to become fat-storing machines. Prior to the industrial revolution and mass production, hunger was rife. Relative to how long humans have existed, we haven’t had unlimited access to food for very long at all. In the modern era, this has two consequences: our bodies store a lot of fat and food cravings override our hormonal signals. 

Even if you’ve adapted your lifestyle to include plenty of exercise and a healthy diet, high insulin could be hindering your weight loss goals. CBD oil for weight loss works by reducing insulin, especially during a fasted state. When insulin levels are low, losing weight is markedly easier.      

Turns White Adipose Tissue Into Brown Adipose Tissue 

The role CBD oil plays in weight loss is further enhanced by the effect it has on CB1 and CB2 receptors. Scientists believe CB1 receptors are mainly in the brain, while CB2 receptors are located throughout the body. CBD seems to somewhat inhibit CB1 receptors, which helps reduce food intake and body weight. It stimulates CB2 receptors which limits inflammation and seems to be the main driving force between appetite reduction and CBD-related weight loss.   

CB receptors are also responsible for transforming white adipose tissue — or fat — into brown adipose tissue. White fat is adipose tissue in a stored state, whereas brown fat is ready for you to burn as energy.

What Is Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?

There are more than 200 compounds in hemp. CBD is just one of many plant-based supermolecules within it, and many of them can contribute to weight loss, too. Full-spectrum describes CBD oil includes all of its other terpenes and cannabinoids, including THC at a non-psychoactive level.   

Terpenes and Weight Loss

Terpenes will never show up on a drug test or have a psychoactive impact on you. They’re compounds that exist in plants, which have extraordinary health benefits for us. They often have multiple uses, so a terpene that’s good for weight loss could also be excellent for joint pain and inflammation. Full-spectrum CBD oil tends to include the naturally occurring terpenes from the cannabis plant. 

Some of the best terpenes for weight loss include:


You can find this terpene in the resin of flowers and citrus fruit rinds. Lemons, grapefruit and oranges are rich in limonene, but it’s also found in the hemp plant. It’s thought to naturally regulate weight and it contains several anti-inflammatory properties. Regular use of this terpene can positively impact the metabolism and even suppress appetite. 


As a mono-terpene, camphene is a little bit special. It has a piney, earthy scent and is believed to help prevent cardiovascular disease. It’s also showed promising signs of lowering triglyceride levels. Additionally, it might even improve digestive function, which can further aid your weight loss efforts. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to note that CBD oil for weight loss is ideal as a supplement to a healthy diet and regular exercise. While these cannabinoid and terpenes have incredible effects on the body, they can’t fix a bad diet of lack of exercise.  


Most cannabis strains contain humulene. When it has to contend with THC, one of its biggest advantages is overshadowed — it’s an appetite suppressant. If you have humulene as part of CBD oil, its weight loss prowess shines through. It’s thought to decrease the occurrence of sugar cravings and help you to eat less.


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