What’s a CBD oral syringe, also called an oral applicator, and how do you use it? Welcome to Happy Talk! The first of many video episodes to come! We’ll answer your questions about various aspects of CBD and we’ll feature products that we carry.

In this episode, Greg McDonald, founder of Happy CBD Store goes over the two CBD oral syringes or applicators that we carry in our shop. Both syringes are manufactured by the brand, Active CBD Oil.

What is a CBD syringe?

While tinctures, or sublingual drops, use a carrier oil and possibly a flavoring or other ingredients, these two CBD syringes contain only 100% hemp extract with no carrier oils, fillers, additives, sweeteners, flavorings or any other ingredients at all – just hemp extract. They offer the purest and most potent way to get a natural dose of CBD.

Each syringe contains 1 gram, or 1000mg of hemp extract. The amount of CBD contained within the total amount of hemp extract is determined by the percentage of decarboxylation, the process of “activating” the CBD that makes it readily available for absorption in the body. Syringes that do have carrier oils are really more like tinctures and might be more common however these two from Active CBD Oil do not.

How are the CBD syringes made?

They’re essentially made by extracting the oil from the hemp plant and that results in a raw oil. The raw oil is then decarboxylated (a process where the CBD is activated for maximum bioavailability) and then it’s filtered. The two syringes that we carry have different amounts of filtering. The Green 17% formula with 170mg of CBD is less filtered so it has more plant material which is why it’s darker in color. The Gold 25% syringe with 250mg of CBD is more filtered, removing more plant material so it’s a lighter gold color, maybe a little amber.

That oil is then inserted into oral syringes. The syringes are capped and safety sealed to prevent any leakage. Each batch is tested by a 3rd party lab for purity and potency. A QR code is printed on the packaging that you can scan with your cell phone camera and you’ll be taken to a web page where you can download the lab results for the batch.

What are the Ingredients?

Ingredients: 100% decarboxylated and filtered high cannabidiol hemp oil. CO2 extraction. Contains full spectrum cannabinoids (legal limit of less than .3% THC) in the case of the Green 17% syringes and broad spectrum (zero THC) in the Gold 25% formula along with other plant compounds such as fatty acids, terpenes and naturally occurring vitamins.

Both oral syringes are sourced from pesticide and herbicide free non-GMO, USA grown hemp and every batch is lab tested by a 3rd party.

How do you use the CBD syringes?

The beauty of the syringes are they are really easy to use. I prefer them to tinctures personally. The syringes are marked every 1/10th or .1g/.1ml, making it very easy to push out the amount you want. Typical doses are .o5g/.o5ml taken twice daily, or .1g/.1ml in total per day. Everyone reacts differently to CBD and your needs may vary from this amount. We highly recommend you start small, see how you react and adjust your dose from there.

The easiest way to take a dose in my opinion is to push out your serving onto your finger and then put the oil between your teeth and gums. You can also put it under your tongue but that may be a little awkward. Some people push it out on a spoon but that just seems like that would make it more difficult to get the oil under your tongue or between your gums and cheeks. Obviously, I’ve never tried it with a spoon but maybe it’d work!

The reason why you want to put it between your gums and cheeks or under the tongue is that in both cases the oil will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream from the blood vessels in those areas. This will bypass the digestive system which is what you want: the fastest way to enter the bloodstream so the effects will be felt sooner and more will get absorbed.

If you have any questions about our CBD oral syringes or on any other products, please email us at: info@happycbdstore.com.

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